How Do We Tender ?

Imagine you are a pizza expert. Your company want to win the annual pizza contest cash prize of $10 million. No matter how hard you try for the last three years, still without success.

You decided to engage our services. This time you will continue to make the pizza with your best effort but before you put the pizza into the oven, you hand over the pizza to us with full details how and what ingredients you put and we shall do the follow up by adding some unknown ingredients (secret recipe) and then put it into the oven.

Once ready, the pizza will be tried by a panel of judges. Once the judges award your company as the winner. You will pay a commission from your prize money to our company. (Now you understand why Kentucky Fried Chicken is different from others due to secret recipe.) If you don't win, your company do not pay a single cent to us.

Similarly, before you submit the FINAL TENDER DOCUMENTS to your potential customer,  YOU DON'T . You hand them over to us with COMPLETED full checklist and requirement with SOME AMENDMENT. That is, the FINAL TENDER PRICE will include our COMMISSION AND OTHER EXPENSES, then we shall do the rest.

We shall submit them on your company's behalf and rest assured that WE SHALL NOT DEVIATE BUT INSTEAD KEEP IN LINE with your potential customer's checklist and requirement. If the tender is successful, pay us the commission plus expenses. If unsuccessful, no need to pay a single cent.

Once again we reiterate, we tender BASED ON MERIT AND NOT BRIBERY.

If the commission and expenses are included in final tender price, does that mean that the bidding price will not be the lowest?


There are TWO TYPES of customers.

The FIRST TYPE is the one that will award to the LOWEST BIDDER. The SECOND TYPE IS NOT.

If your intention is to be the lowest bidder, you do not need us at all, you can DIY.

You had already tried that and failed, that is why you approach us, are we correct?

Think about it, even if you tried to bid the lowest. Somebody will try to OUTBID LOWER than you.

Even if you succeed, based on your experience, your profit will be very, very ................... MISERABLE OR WORST, LOSE MONEY.

Do you want that?

If we tender for you, the bid will not be the lowest. If successful, your profit is BIGGER than the one you DIY because you had already factor in all costs (including our commission and expenses).

Your profit should be REASONABLE but not SUPER ABNORMAL (which will kill your chance).

How much is the commission and expenses?

Depending which country you intend to bid.

Is there a need to sign contract?

For the benefit of both parties (your  company and ours), yes. The contract must be sign IF POSSIBLE AT LEAST 5 WEEKS BEFORE THE TENDER CLOSING DATE.

How do you judge us?

Give us 3 CHANCES. If unsuccessful for the 3 CONSECUTIVE TENDERS, you can forget us with 2 CONDITIONS ATTACHED.

1. Your potential customer must be FAIR, IMPARTIAL, OPEN AND TRANSPARENT (NO BRIBERY, NO CRONYISM ETC.). Otherwise no count.

2. If the tender awarded to the successful LOWEST BIDDER, no count.

What happen if your potential customer asked for bribe?

First of all, your potential customer will not be able to call us because WE WILL NOT LEAVE THEM OUR CONTACT NUMBER and they won't be so stupid to email us to leave a trail as evidence. Therefore they will contact you instead.

If they contact you, there are 2 POSSIBILITIES. The FIRST ONE is they want to negotiate the price or the SECOND, they want to “NEGOTIATE THE PRICE”(BRIBE).

If the second possibility happens, if you already engage our services to tender this project for you, you can approach us for advice.


If you take our advice and implement it, your chances of WINNING THE TENDER will be SO MUCH HIGHER BY NOT GOING THROUGH BRIBERY at all. You can keep that advice as secret and not share it unnecessary and openly so as not to alert the potential or already corruptor.

Who are we?

We are just an owner (nickname as Miracle International) and the company (Miracle International (S) Pte. Ltd.). 

This website (https://miracle-international.com) is registered, managed, DIY designed and owned by the company 

Want to know us better? Then become our regular customer.

Why are our logos  and so simple?

It's not lazy, just to keep things simple, less stress, more creative and innovative. If you notice very carefully, our logos are just two colours : BLACK AND WHITE. (Did you see the word WHITE?). What does that means? That means we do things BLACK AND WHITE, NO HANKY-PANKY.

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